Hej! My name is Ulrika, I’m responsible for the area of People and Culture at Ingka and I’m looking for a new People Retail Operations Manager to join us! This means that I need someone to be responsible for developing, leading and executing the people agenda together with our key Retail stakeholders – securing that People and Culture adds the maximum value to our co-workers and ultimately our customers. Is it you that we’re looking for?

Let’s talk about you!
For this role, we need someone who knows the markets well. Someone with experience in creating and implementing long-term approaches, frameworks, tools and ways of working. Someone who’s strong in ‘getting things done’ – setting actions and follow up. Someone who can lead in the unknown and who’s worked with big transformation programmes. Someone who has proven to be strong in the area of recruitment, succession and development for key leaders. We need a relationship builder, compelling communicator, influencer and a problem solver. Someone who’s worked with coaching, advisory and conflict management and has a strong passion for people.

As far as experience goes this is on top of our wish list:
That you’ve been working at senior level either as a leader within our core business, or with People and Culture business partnering and have preferably worked within a global management function. That you have commercial experience, strong leadership, and that you have a passion and drive for people related topics and that you are an outstanding ambassador for leading our Culture and Values. You also need to have a genuine ‘curiosity mind-set’ for the digitalisation of IKEA.



In the role, you will be ultimately responsible for the People and Culture agenda – that it is prioritised, worked with and implemented in all markets. You will, based on our Retail Direction and strategic landscape, be part of leading the integration of business through people.

This means:
• Work in partnership with the Retail Operations Manager, as part of the Retail Operations Management team, and in close cooperation with the markets.
• Act as senior business partner to the Retail Operations Manager and coach to the Deputy Retail Operation Managers and other key stakeholders
• Be an active partner in creating an organisation where business leaders take the lead in developing the people agenda.
• Be part of securing the IKEA culture, values and leadership across Retail Operations
• Act as the connecting link and knowledge builder between the global organisations and retail countries.
• Support the development and implementation of mandatory processes within Retail Operations around Compensation & Benefits, Employment Standards and other critical People and Culture policies
• Be deeply involved in the succession of key areas and the processes connected to this as well as be responsible to co-lead the development and succession of our key positions
• Be part of the INGKA People and Culture Leadership team, acting as decision maker, role model and ambassador for the People and Culture community
• Lead and develop the Retail Operations People and Culture Business Partners (Deputy People Managers) to ensure that our People direction, strategy and plans are implemented in all parts of Ingka Retail Operations.



If you have questions about the position, don’t hesitate to get in contact with Albert Martens at albert.martens@ikea.com and for questions about the recruitment process, please contact Rosanna Segerstedt Pillay at Rosanna.segerstedt.pillay1@ikea.com



From the deep forests in Sweden, we have spread our culture and values around the world. At the heart of our offer are our beautiful home-furnishing products and solutions, made with care for our planet, reaching millions of customers. At the heart of our business, are our wonderful co-workers representing diversity in all dimen­sions and passionate for life at home. We all contribute with our uniqueness and we want to grow and develop together. Our vision, “to create a better everyday life for the many people” inspires and guides us in everything we do. This is IKEA.



  • Living our values
  • Being your unique self, while respecting and including others
  • A passion for home furnishing
  • Performing & delivering while learning & developing
  • Having fun!